EasyBand is an auto accompaniment tool for musicians running on Android devices.

Use it to create playbacks, practice solos and sketching ideas on the go.

Its easy as dragging and dropping. Just drop chords into the timeline and click play.

EasyBand Supports up to 8 distinct parts.

Build your song one part at a time (e.g. Verse, chorus, ending) and then use the song editor to compile the complete song from various parts.


EasyBand Pro comes with tons of styles. Rock, Dance, Hiphop, Country, Elec and more. New ones are added all the time. We invite our talented users to contribute styles. Please contact us.

Every EasyBand style has 2 variants, 2 fills, an intro and an ending pattern. Each variation can be applied to individual chords or to an entire part.

A style is orchestrated by up to 5 instruments, one bass line and one drum channel.

You can mute individual instrument to hear only the instruments you need.

For example, if you are a drummer, you can mute the drums instrument while practicing.


New!!! Community web site (Beta) allows you to share, rate and download songs and chords from EasyBand Community website.

Register and start exploring and contribution to the first chord book website that can actually play those chords.


Export your project as both stereo Wav and Midi.

Plus, If you own FourTracks Pro, you can export EasyBand’s project as wav files specifically suitable for importing them into FourTracks and mix them down with audio recording.